Arthur Rabbit Art

The first artwork Arthur gave Chuckles came out of his backpack, all folded up, done in mostly red crayon: “The Universe Created in Miss Cessna’s Legs.” It looked like rows and rows of red dog bowls, or the surface of a martian planet. It was magnificent. We couldn’t help but encourage more art-making, and we hosted two shows at Y-Que, where he also did live portraits.His day job was as a janitor at the VA hospital, through a work program for adults with disabilities. This job provided no retirement, and after his rent is paid from his SS, he’s left with about $40 a month, (plus EBT). Chuckles started getting more calls from him, “Chuckles, can you send carrots?"

I helped develop a space for Chuckles to sell Arthur Rabbit’s art online. Send carrots.

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Chuckles Fairyland


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California, USA